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Basic Research Journal of Social and Poitical Sciences ISSN 2465-7220 Vol. 4(2), pp. 15-24 November 2016 Copyright© 2015 Basic Research Journals



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Public accountability and development in Nigeria: a study of the national integrated power projects (NIPPs) 1999-2007


Ugbudu, Martin Iorgbir


Department of Political Science, Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria.


Email: ugbudumartins@gmail.com


Received 14 August, 2016; Accepted 25 August, 2016; Published 27 November, 2016




Accountability is a fundamental requirement for the proper management of resources for development in all societies. Persons or entities entrusted with funds provided by the tax payers are supposed to account for the way these funds are allocated, used and the results these spendings have achieved. This contribution interrogates the management of public funds in terms of how public officials gave account of their stewardship in the implementation of the National Integrated Power Projects (NIPPs) meant to improve electricity supply in Nigeria. The study which is anchored on the elite theory argues that there was no financial discipline in the execution of the NIPPs. Public funds deployed for the implementation of the NIPPs were not properly accounted for by public officials. The study identifies lack of accountability as the bane of development in Nigeria and recommends among other things the adherence of state managers to the good governance standard for public service by entrenching the values of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, openness and honesty in the public service.


Keywords: Accountability, Public expenditure, Electricity Supply, Development.





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Vol. 4(2)

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