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Basic Research Journal of Microbiology ISSN 2354-4082 Vol. 4(1), pp. 01-11 February 2017

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Chemical pretreatment and saccharification of sugarcane bagasse for bioethanol fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae Y17-KP096551


*Abdel-Hamied M. Rasmey1, Heba Hawary Hassan1, Akram A. Aboseidah1 and Omar A. Abdul-Wahid2


1Botany and Microbiology Department, faculty of Science, Suez University, Suez, Egypt.

2Botany Department, Faculty of Science, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt.


*Corresponding author Email: am_rasmey@yahoo.com


Received 03 February, 2017; Accepted 23 February, 2017; Published 05 March, 2017




Sugarcane bagasse is one of the most promising feedstock for ethanol production due to its abundance and low cost. The conversion of this agricultural waste into sugars and ethanol, considering its pretreatment strategies and biological transformation is the aim of this work. Five grams of milled bagasse was chemically pretreated using various concentrations of nitric and sulfuric acids, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide. The pretreated bagasse residue was saccharified by crude cellulase extracted from Trichoderma harzianum SC20. The maximum total reducing sugar yield was obtained by saccharification of bagasse hydrolysate pretreated with 0.8 M of sulfuric acid after one hour. The resulted pretreated bagasse was subjected to fermentation by the selected yeast isolate Saccharomyces cerevisiae Y17 KP096551. The highest ethanol concentration was obtained after a fermentation period 48 hours recording 1.34% (w/v) with a fermentation efficiency 51.81% and a volumetric productivity 0.275 gl-1h-1.


Keywords: Lignocellulose, fermentation, yeast, cellulose, Trichoderma, reducing sugar


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Vol.4 No 1

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