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Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Sciences ISSN 2315-6864 Vol. 6(1): Pp 24-29 February 2017

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Radiation awareness among sixth-year medical students and interns at University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia


1Abdulmoneam Ahmad Jabir Saleh, Asma Eid Alhawiti2, Eman Abdullah Aljehani2, Samar Abdullah Alblowi2, Salwa Mohammad Albalawi2, Maryam Mudhhi Alshehri2, Hyder Osman Mirghani3


1Department of Family and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

2Medical Intern, Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia

3Medical Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia


*Corresponding author email: s.hyder63@hotmail.com


Received 21 February, 2017; Accepted 28 February, 2017; Published 05 February, 2017




Objectives: This study aimed to explore the awareness and knowledge of future and newly graduated physicians in Tabuk City regarding radiation and its hazardous impact on human health. Methods: A cross-sectional comparative study was conducted among one hundred thirty-seven medical students and medical interns randomly selected at one medical school in Tabuk City, Saudi Arabia during the period from January 2016 to March 2016. A well structured questionnaire was used based on awareness and general knowledge of radiation exposures associated with diagnostic imaging studies, The Ethical Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tabuk approved the research, and the Statistical Package for social sciences (SPSS) was used for data analysis. Results: The majority of medical students and interns in Tabuk City had poor radiation knowledge (radiation knowledge score = 36.65 and 31.78 % respectively). Socioeconomic factors including gender, age and position were not associated with radiation knowledge of students. Students in the 6th academic years had higher general information about chest x-ray, conventional fluoroscopy and angiography compared to interns. Less than 30% of medical students and interns knew the correct answer when they asked some information about MRI, US, CT and chest x-ray of the abdomen. Conclusion: Most of the medical student's Interns have weak ionizing radiation and radiation protection knowledge. The inclusion of one radiation protection instruction course into the undergraduate medical curriculum may not be adequate to obtain optimal radiation knowledge.


Keywords: Radiation knowledge, Medical Students, Interns, Saudi Arabia.


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J. Med. Clin. Sci.

Vol. 6 No 2

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