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Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Sciences ISSN 2315-6864 Vol. 7(1): Pp 01-09 April 2018

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Maternal and neonatal out come in breech delivery; Vaginal versus caesarean section


1Saud Taher, 2*Maida Shamdeen


1Lecturer Dohuk medical college

2Prof/Dohuk medical college, Consultant OBG /Azady teaching hospital


*Corresponding author email: maida_yousif@yahoo.com


Received 10 March, 2018; Accepted 22 April, 2018; Published 01 May, 2018




Breech presentation (Br. Pr) when the entrance of fetal buttocks or the lower extremities enter to the maternal pelvic inlet, or the buttocks and / or lower extremities of fetus are presented to the bottom of uterus and the head is in the upper part of uterus. Br. Pr occurs in (3-4%) of all deliveries, the percentage decreases with advancing gestational age from 25% of birth prior to 28 weeks of gestation to 7% at 32 weeks, to (1-3.7%) of births at term. Aim: This study was conducted in women with breech delivery to compare the maternal and neonatal out come in relation to the mode of delivery. Design: This is a descriptive hospital population – based study, done in pregnant women with breech presentation at time of delivery (whether for vaginal delivery or elective caesarean section), in a period of 7 months. Patients and method: study on 200 pregnant women with breech presentation at time of delivery.  A total of (290) cases were seen, only (200) cases were included, those with normal singleton fetus, ≥37 weeks of gestation were divided into two groups, those delivered vaginaly and by Caesarean section. The Criteria for vaginal delivery were good condition for both mother and fetus. Results: In this study, most Primigravida were delivered by caesarean section (75%), vaginal delivery was only (25%). Conclusion: Elective caesarean section decreases the risk of adverse early neonatal death and total neonatal morbidity in nulliparous pregnant women with normal singleton term breech fetus, and fetuses estimated weight (≥3500g), with no significant effect in maternal outcomes.


Keywords: breech presentation, breech delivery


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Basic Research Journal of Business Management and Accounts.


Basic Research Journal of Education Research and Review.

Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review.

Basic Research Journal of Social and Political Sciences.


J. Med. Clin. Sci.

Vol. 7 No 1

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