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Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Sciences ISSN 2315-6864 Vol. 7(2): Pp 10-24 Septenber 2018

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Burden of tuberculosis disease in South-East Asia: A statistical analysis


1Kalyan Das, 2Anisha Das


1Department of Basic and Applied Sciences, National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, HSIIDC Industrial estate, Kundli – 131028, Haryana, India

2Department of Bio-Statistics and Demography, International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, India – 400088


*Corresponding author email: daskalyan27@gmail.com; anisha.das14@gmail.com


Received 20 August, 2018; Accepted 12 September, 2018; Published 27 September, 2018




The reports published by WHO on a daily basis suggest that tuberculosis (TB) remains the top infectious killer as in 2016 in South-East Asia, and hence considered a “burden” in these countries. Very few studies on the burden of TB in South-East Asia have been done. One cannot only hypothesize the causes of TB, but also try to venture what forms of medications have been implemented to eradicate the disease. Some of these possibilities have been looked into and analysed in the study of the patients suffering from TB in South-East Asian countries (as demarcated by WHO). It has been approximated that there is a total of 95602 TB suffering patients and among them just 1500 of them took different clinical tests to detect for the actual presence of the disease so that they can adopt treatment at the earliest. These patients were either immune to rifampicin or multi-drug treatment. Also, HIV test was done with their dried blood samples, but just a handful of them tested positive for HIV. So there was no reason to treat the HIV+ patients separately while carrying out the analysis. It is seen that women are more prone to running the risk of TB as compared to men. Further, we observe that the disease is not equally distributed in all the countries considered. For, instance there is hardly any new incidence of TB case in Singapore. At the same time, there is an unequal distribution among all the countries with respect to the processing of effective test detection for TB. Moreover, extensively drug-resistant TB has also been reported in Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand.


Keywords: Rifampicin; HIV; Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR); Isoniazid; Epidemiology


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J. Med. Clin. Sci.

Vol. 7 No 2

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