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Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Sciences ISSN 2315-6864 Vol. 6(8): Pp 93-98 October 2017

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Causes, patterns, and mortality of traumatic head injuries in a Tertiary Hospital in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia


*Sara M. Elsiddig MD1, Hanan H. Farahat2, Asim A. Mahmoud3, M. Amri4

Ibrahim Mahmoud Ajwah5, Abdullah Mahmoud Ajwah6


Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia.


*Corresponding author email: amahmoud@ut.edu.sa


Received 06 October, 2017; Accepted 25 October, 2017; Published 07, November, 2017




Objectives: The current study aimed to describe the demographics and causes of brain injuries, to determine the severity and to evaluate interventions and outcomes of these injuries in a major hospital in Tabuk region in Saudi Arabia. Methods: A retrospective, descriptive hospital-based study conducted at King Khalid Hospital in the city of Tabuk. All cases admitted with head trauma during the period from December 2010 to October 2015 were included. Results: The majority of admitted head injury cases were males (87, 6%) and about 74 % were less than 30 years old. Road traffic accident was the cause of traumatic brain injury in (71.8 %). Using Glasgow coma scale (44.9%) presented with mild injury (GCS; 13 – 15), and 247 (44.3) with severe injury (GCS; ≤8). Chest trauma was the most common associated injury. Favourable outcome evident by safe discharge was the fate of (64.5%) of the victims and the overall mortality was (13.3%) and there where significant correlation between the mortality and severity of head injury. Conclusion: The majority of victims of traumatic brain injury are young adults and adolescents followed by children and the leading cause is Road traffic accidents. Head injury is a preventable problem. Considering public education and Legislation for protective measures such as mandatory seatbelt usage and helmets for motorcyclists and bicyclists, and can reduce the incidence, the morbidity, and mortality of TBI and should be applied strictly in our community.


Keywords: Traumatic head Injuries, traumatic brain injury, multiple injuries and road traffic accident.


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J. Med. Clin. Sci.

Vol. 6 No 9

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