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Basic Research Journal Education Research and Review ISSN 2315-6872 Vol. 5(5) pp 38-42 October 2016

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Full Length Research Paper


Instructional strategies and performance of agricultural science students in Uyo High Scool Uyo, Nigeria


Ushie, Beshel. C, Effiong, Abigail and Ofem, Ijeoma B


Department of educational technology and library science,  University of Uyo, Nigeria.


*Corresponding author email: beshelushie1117@gmail.com


Received 20 December, 2016; Accepted 28 December, 2016; Published 02 January, 2017




This study investigated the effect of the use of interactive whiteboard and conventional face- to-face instructions on students’ academic performance in Agricultural Science. Two objectives, research questions and hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. A non-randomized pre-test post- test experimental design was adopted. A total of 110 Senior Secondary Two chemistry students were sampled from two intact classes in the two selected secondary schools. Agricultural Science Performance Test (ASPT) with a reliability index of 0.77 was used in generating data for the study. Descriptive statistics of Mean, Standard Deviation and Analysis of Covariance were used in analysis of data. Findings from the study showed that the use of interactive whiteboard was more effective in enhancing students’ performance in Agricultural Science than the conventional instruction. Also there was no significant difference in the academic performances of male and female students. It was recommended that Government should install Interactive whiteboards in science classrooms and science teachers should be sent on training and retraining programmes regularly on the use of these smart boards.


Keywords: Interactive Whiteboard, Academic Performance, Conventional face-to-face Instruction, Agricultural Science.


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Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review.

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J. Educ. Res. Rev

Vol.5 No 5

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