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Basic Research Journal Education Research and Review ISSN 2315-6872 Vol. 5(5) pp 27-37 October 2016

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Full Length Research Paper


The comparative effects of the word association and the lexical inferencing strategies on EFL intermediate learners’ phrasal verbs retention


*1Ali Safari, 2Zahra Kalaa


1Hazrat Masoumeh University, Iran

2Azad University, Iran


Author's email: alisafari228@gmail.com


Received 18 December, 2016; Accepted 28 December 2016; Published 02 January 2017




The present study is an attempt to investigate the comparative effects of word association and lexical inferencing strategies on intermediate EFL learners’ phrasal verbs learning and retention. For this purpose, 90 intermediate female English learners attending Jahad language school took a piloted sample KET test, 60 of whom were selected as homogenous learners. They were randomly divided into two experimental groups-one learning phrasal verbs through word association strategy and the other with the lexical inferencing strategy. They were given a pre-test on phrasal verbs to ensure that the participants had no prior knowledge of the target phrasal verbs. Then all participants in both groups were taught using the same material and received the same amount of instruction. The only difference was for teaching of phrasal verbs. One experimental group was taught mainly through the word association strategy while the other experimental group learned by the lexical inferencing strategy. After conducting the treatment, a post-test was administered to both groups. The analysis of the test scores using t-test revealed that both strategies had a significant effect on learning and retention of the phrasal verbs. It was also concluded that there was no significant difference between the performances of both groups on learning and retention of the phrasal verbs.


Keywords: Phrasal verbs, lexical inferencing strategy, word association strategy, collocation


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J. Educ. Res. Rev

Vol.5 No 5

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