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Basic Research Journal of Business Management and Accounts ISSN 2315-6899 Vol. 6(1), pp. 01- 10 February 2017 Copyright 2015 Basic Research Journals

International Scientific Indexing ISI Impact Factor (0.396)



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Authentic leadership and job behaviors: the mediating role of core job characteristics


1Leena Tariq 2Faisal Abbas*


1,2University of Lahore, Pakistan


*Corresponding author email: rmfa7@yahoo.com


Acc Received 21 February, 2017; Accepted 05 March, 2017; Published 13 March, 2017




The purpose of the study was to establish the relationship between authentic leadership behavior, core job characteristics, intrinsic motivation and psychological capital. The study adopted a cross sectional design which was quantitative in nature. It involved descriptive and analytical research designs. The study sample comprised of 384 supervisors and followers working in public sector who were selected through convenience sampling technique. The data was tested for reliability, analyzed using SPSS and results presented based on the study objectives. Results revealed positive and significant relationships between, authentic leadership and core job characteristics, authentic leadership and intrinsic motivation, authentic leadership and psychological capital, core job characteristics and intrinsic motivation and core job characteristics and psychological capital which imply that when one variable is improved it leads to improvement of the other. In addition, authentic leadership behavior is a better predictor of intrinsic motivation and psychological capital followed by core job characteristics which implies that to improve on intrinsic motivation and psychological capital; emphasis should be put on improvement of authentic leadership behavior followed by core job characteristics. The study recommended that in order to enhance perception of core job characteristics, intrinsic motivation and psychological capital of employees in public sector; leaders should adopt authentic leadership behavior. Quality relationship between the leaders and their subordinates at all levels should be encouraged.


Keyword: Authentic Leadership, Job Behaviors, Core Job Characteristics


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Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Sciences.


Basic Research Journal of Education Research and Review.

Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review.

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J. Bus. Manag. Acc.

Vol. 6 No 2

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