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Table of Contents: January 2015 4(1)

ISSN 2315-6880

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Mazhar Habib, Maaz Maqsood Hashmi, Umar Aftab Abbasi

        Proficient physiognomies and herbage of blue panic grass (Panicum Antidotale) at variable clipping intensities

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 4(1) 001-004 [Abstract] [Full Text] (175 KB)



Abd El-Aleem Saad, Soliman Desoky       

        The best methods of control sarcoptic mange infested cattle, sheep and rabbit farms

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 4(1) 021-023 [Abstract] [Full Text] (89 KB)





Original Research Articles




Nahla Hamideldin, Noha Eid Eliwa       

        Gamma radiation and sodium azide influence on physiological aspects of maize under drought condition

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 4(1) 005-013 [Abstract] [Full Text] (179 KB)



Shahid Ali, Mohammad Akmal and Muhammad Afzal       

        Seedbed preparation time and weeding intervals and their response on maize yield and traits in KP-Pakistan

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 4(1) 014-020 [Abstract] [Full Text] (171 KB)



Khadidja Bouzid, Fouzia Toumi Benali, Rabah Chadli, Mohamed Bouzouina, Aman Bouzid, Amal Benchohra, Mustapha Mahmoud Dif,

Samia Bouzid       

        Extraction, identification and quantitative HPLC analysis of flavonoids from fruit extracts of Arbutus unedo L. from

        Tiaret area (Western Algeria)

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 4(1) 024-030 [Abstract] [Full Text] (487 KB)



Berihun Kassa Hailu and Hayalu Godefey Seyoum       

        Determinants of farm households’ graduation from productive safety net program (PSNP) in Emba Alage District,

        Northern Ethiopia

        J. Agric. Sci. Rev. 4(1) 031-038 [Abstract] [Full Text] (487 KB)









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