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Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review ISSN 2315-6880 Vol. 7(7), pp. 58-62 September 2019 Copyright© 2019 Basic Research Journals

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Correlation analysis of marketable bulb yield with growth, yield components and storage parameters of onion


Yohannes Gebremichael


Shire-Maitsebri Agricultural Research Center (SMARC), Shire, Tigray, Ethiopia


Author’s email: aglovekb19@gmail.com


Received 23 , 2019; Acceptance 11 September 2019; Published 20 September 2019




The experiment was conducted under furrow irrigation at Shire-Maistebri Agricultural Research Center (SMARC) Selekeleka research site, in north western Tigray, northern Ethiopia during 2015/2016 (October – June) to study the relationship among growth, yield components and storage parameter of onion (Allium cepa L.).The Correlation coefficient  analysis revealed that marketable  bulb  yield  was  highly  significant  and  positively correlated with  plant height,  leaf number,  leaf length, bulb length,  bulb diameter,  mean bulb weight,  biological yield, total dry biomass  and harvest index. In addition to this, yield was significant association with bulb rotting and sprouting while negatively and statistically in-significant to bulb weight loss.


Key words: Correlation, Onion marketable yield and growth parameters

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Basic Research Journal of Business Management and Accounts.

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J. Agric. Sci. Rev

Vol.8 No 7

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