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Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review ISSN 2315-6880 Vol. 6(5), pp. 39-43 August 2018 Copyright© 2018 Basic Research Journals

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Effect of maize stover treated with urea on feed intake, milk yield and composition of crossbred dairy cows


*Tesfaye Mediksa, Habtamu Abera and Dereje Bekele


Bako Agricultural Research Center, West Shoa, Bako, Ethiopia


*Corresponding author email: tesfishmidoo2008@gmail.com


09 August, 2018; Accepted 21 August, 2018; Published 27 August 2018




The experiment was carried out at Bako Agricultural Research Center to evaluate the feeding value of maize stover treated with urea when offered as basal diet on feed intake, milk yield and composition of lactating crossbred dairy cows. Eight lactating crossbred dairy cows similar milk yield, same stage of lactation and parity were used in a switch over 4X4 double Latin square design. Experimental treatments were: Maize stover without treated with urea + grazing (T1), Maize stover without treated with urea install feeding (T2), Maize stover treated with urea install feeding (T3) and  Maize stover treated with urea + grazing (T4). Animal in four experimental treatments were supplement with 0.5 kg concentrate mixture per litre of milk yield. Results of chemical analysis study of experimental feeds indicated that maize stover treated with urea (CP=9.97%, ME=9.21 MJKg-1DM) had better nutritive value than untreated maize stover (CP=5.78% and ME=5.83 MJKg-1 DM). The daily DM, CP, and OM intake were significant (P<0.05) among the treatments with the highest intake observed when cows were fed urea treated maize stover (T3). Daily milk yield was higher (P<0.05) for T3 (7.86) as compared to T1 (5.34 l/d). Therefore, the result demonstrated that urea treated maize stover had better feeding value as compared to untreated maize stover for lactating crossbred dairy cows, especially, in the dry season when conventional roughages with low in CP content are in short supply.


Keywords:  Basal diet, Dairy cows, Crossbred, Feed intake, Maize stover and Urea


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Vol.6 No 5

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