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Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review ISSN 2315-6880 Vol. 6(3), pp. 15-20 April 2018 Copyright© 2018 Basic Research Journals

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Camel meat consumption trends and its medicinal values: A review


Taju Hussein


Department of Animal and Range Science, College of Agriculture, Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia, P. O. Box 138, Wolaita Sodo, Ethiopia.


Authors’ email: tajuh47@gmail.com


Received 29 March 2018; Accepted 13 April, 2018; Published 26 April, 2018




Camels are the only means of people survival in tropics and extra tropics by providing meat, milk as a food where crop production is extremely difficult, and serving as sole source of power in area where motorized transportations is inadequate or unavailable. Currently, camel meat particularly has got especial places in the world due its uniqueness in composition and medicinal values as compared to other livestock meat. The meat of camel has especial characters, such as high protein with most essentials amino acids, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, low cholesterol and low saturated fatty acids. Moreover, its’ intramuscular fat contents is low with advancement of age which is too special to render health for consumer. Therefore, camel meat is a most important medicine for the cure, prevention many diseases including hypertension and cancers which are currently many people life threatening diseases worldwide. Consequently, the number of camel slaughtered and amount of meat produced is increasing than ever.


Keywords: Camel: composition; meat; medicinal; value


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Basic Research Journal of Business Management and Accounts.

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J. Agric. Sci. Rev

Vol.6 No 3

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