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Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review ISSN 2315-6880 Vol. 6(2), pp. 09-14 February 2018 Copyright© 2015 Basic Research Journals

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Adaptation study and genotype by environment interaction of bread wheat genotypes in Tigray, North, Ethiopia


Muez Mehari* and Assefa Workineh


Tigray Agricultural Research Institute, Alamata Agricultural Research center, P.O.Box56 Alamata, Ethiopia


*Corresponding author email: muez97@gmail.com


Received 22 February, 2018; Accepted 18 March, 2018; Published 26 March, 2018




In selecting and recommending a cultivar to growing environment understanding the selection environment and tackling the underlying factor is vital. Sixteen bread wheat genotypes were tested across six environments with the objective of selecting bread wheat genotype with less genotype by environment interaction and higher yield. The experiment was conducted in randomized complete block design using three replication. The classical analysis of variance were significant (P<0.01) for environment genotype and genotype by environment interaction. The magnitude of the environmental variance explained was 27 times larger than the genotype and 10 times larger than the genotype by environment interaction. Using the Additive Main effects and Multiplicative Interaction (AMMI) the two principal components was significant and cumulatively explained 78.6%. The AMMI1 biplot indicated that the genotypes ETBW-6463 was higher yielder and with low contribution to the genotype by environment interaction which was stable genotype. The testing environment E1, E2 and E3 was favorable while, E4, E5 and E6 were less favorable. The genotypes ETBW-6170, Danda’a, ETBW-6463 and ETBW-6295 were near to the origin of the biplot in the AMMI2 and with wider adaption across the growing environment while, the genotype ETBW-6765, ETBW-6754, ETBW-6434 and ETBW-6801 were specifically adapted to E4,E3, E5 and E1 respectively.


Keywords: AMMI, biplot, Bread wheat, stability


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Vol.6 No 2

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