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Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review ISSN 2315-6880 Vol. 6(1), pp. 01-08 January 2018 Copyright© 2015 Basic Research Journals

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Full Length Research Paper

Germination and survival of seeds of multipurpose tree species under nurseries condition in pothwar


1Saba Munir, 1Rukhsana Tariq, 2Imtiaz Ahmad Qamar, 2Mohammad Umar Farooq* and 2Jalal Hayat Khan


1International Islamic University, Islamabad

2National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad


*Corresponding author email: umarrri@hotmail.com


Received 11 January, 2018; Accepted 19 January, 2018; Published 30 January, 2018




The study was conducted at National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad. The present study was undertaken to find out germination percentage of multipurpose tree species which are of fodder, fuel wood and of timber importance under different growth media and nursery condition. Maximum germination percentage in farmyard manure was found. Bauhinia variegata which was statistically higher (23.00%) from all other species except Parkinsonia aculeata.Parkinsonia aculeata had higher seed germination of (22.33%) followed by Leucacena leucocephala (20.67%), Albizzia lebbek (14.00%), Acacia modesta (11.33%), Acacia nilotica (11.00%), Cassia fistula (9.67%), Pongamia glabra (9.00%), Acacia albida (7.33%), and Acacia tortilis (7.00%). In compost, Bauhinia variegata had highest germination (23.33%) followed by Leucacena leucocephala (22.00%), Parkinsonia aculeata (19.67%), Acacia modesta (11.00%), Albizzia lebbek (10.00%), Cassia fistula (9.67%), Acacia nilotica (9.00%), Acacia albida (7.00%), Pongamia glabra (6.00), Acaciatortilis (4.66). In soil media maximum seed germination was observed Bauhinia variegata (14.00%) which had higher germination followed by Parkinsonia aculeata (10.00%), Leucacena leucocephala (9.33%), Acacia modesta (8.22%), Acacia albida (6.33%), Acacia nilotica (5.6%), Acacia tortilis (5.6%), Cassia fistula (5.33%), Albizzia lebbek (2.00%), and least in Pongamia glabra (0.67%). It is concluded from the study that maximum germination percentage in farmyard manure was found. Highest growth of roots and shoots was observed in compost medium. Soil medium had the lowest seed germination and growth as it had the lowest nutrients so there is need to increase forest cover of the country on farm land. The fertility of the soil is decreasing due to intensive cropping so there is need to increase to grow leguminous trees there is need to improve the germination of seeds so that more and more useful trees are grown on the farms in agro-forestry practices.


Keywords: Bauhinia variegate, Parkinsonia aculeate, Leucacena leucocephala


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J. Agric. Sci. Rev

Vol.6 No 1

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