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Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review ISSN 2315-6880 Vol. 6(7), pp. 67-72 October 2018 Copyright© 2018 Basic Research Journals

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Variation in growth traits and survival of Acacia mearnsii provenances in Bako, Western Oromia regional state, Ethiopia


Dawit Samuel* and Regassa Terefe


Natural Resource Research Directorate, Agroforestry Research Team, Oromia Agricultural Research Institute, Bako, Oromia, Ethiopia. P.O.Box 03.


*Corresponding author email: dave.same2@gmail.com


Received 22 October, 2018; Acceptance 03 October, 2018 ; Published 06 October, 2018




The purpose of the study was to evaluate the variation existing in different twelve (12) provenances of Acacia mearnsii and then to select the best seed sources/ provenance that suits with Bako site conditions. The twelve provenances of Acacia mearnsii namely (George Town from Tasmania, North of Bemboka, Bawley PT, Wonboyn Lake, North Bungendore, Mt. Gladstone, Bodalla and Gloucester from New South Wales Tantanoola from South Australia, East Lorne, You Yangs and (R) B'hill Res Kyneton from Victoria) was obtained from Australian used in the study. The saplings were monitored for survival rates and growth performances by measuring root collar diameters and heights. There was non-significant difference in survival among the species investigated (P>0.05). Survival percent were varies from 87.96 to 100, across the species provenance, but at the end of the experimental study (62 months after planting) the survival varied significantly (p<0.001). Non-Significant differences in height growth (P>0.05) and diameter growth were also observed. Among tree provenance  greatest height (8.13m) was recorded for the Wonboyn Lake, New South Wales (17934) followed by the North of Bemboka, New South Wales (16635) and root collar diameter (RCD) (3.01cm) were recorded (R)B'hill Res Kyneton, Victoria (18979) followed by the Gloucester, New South Wales (18626). Lowest height (6.90m) was recorded for (R)B'hill Res Kyneton, Victoria (18979) and root collar diameter ( RCD) (2.25cm) was recorded for Wonboyn Lake, New South Wales (17934) provenance. Statistical analysis showed that there were non-significant (p>0.05) differences in mean diameter at different age of after planting of between provenances. The provenance of Tantanoola, South Australia (17927) performed highly in diameter at breast height (DBH) (8.09cm) followed by North of Bemboka, New South Wales (16635) and North Bungendore, New South Wales (18975). We recommend that due to its superior growth and survival with the following provenance Tantanoola, South Australia (17927), North of Bemboka, New South Wales (16635) and North Bungendore, New South Wales (18975) are recommended for Bako area and other localities with similar agro-ecology.


Keywords: provenances, Acacia mearnsii, Survival percent, growth performances, root collar diameter, diameter at breast height


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Vol.6 No 7

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