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Basic Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Review ISSN 2315-6880 Vol. 7(1), pp. 01-04 February 2019 Copyright© 2018 Basic Research Journals

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Evaluation of the accuracy of bovipreg® kit for early pregnancy diagnosis in indigenous Arsi cattle at Adami Tulu Agricultural research Center, Oromia, Ethiopia


Alemayehu Arega1*, Sandip Banerjee2 and Solomon Gizaw3


1*Oromia Agricultural Research Institute, Adami Tulu Agricultural Research Center, P.O.Box, 35, Batu/ Ziway, Ethiopia

2Hawassa University, College of Agriculture, School of Animal and Range Sciences, P.O. Box 05, Hawassa, Ethiopia

3International Livestock Research Institute, LIVES project P. O. Box 5689, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


*Corresponding Author: fenalex2016@gmail.com


Received 1 February, 2019; Acceptance 19 February, 2019; Published 24 February, 2019




Evaluation of the Accuracy of Bovipreg® kit for early pregnancy diagnosis in indigenous Arsi cattle was done on some selected cattle at AdamiTulu Agricultural Research Center. The result indicates that the overall accuracy of Bovipreg® kit in diagnosing pregnancy were 68.6%. There was a significant difference in the accuracy of Bovipreg test between the milk and blood samples used for diagnosing pregnancy. The overall accuracy of the Bovipreg® were 89.3% and 57.1% by using milk and blood samples respectively. The result indicated that there was no statistically significant difference between the collection dates on the accuracy of Bovipreg® kit. Parity of the animals has no effect on the accuracy of Bovipreg® result. Bovipreg® is one of the technology which allows early detection of pregnancy it has to be evaluated and demonstrated to dairy producers and different stakeholders in the dairy sector.


Keywords: Bovipreg® kit, pregnancy diagnosis, accuracy, Arsi cattle.


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Vol.7 No 1

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